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I started my NQT year in a secondary school in September. I found out that I am pregnant (the baby is due early May) and due to complications I've missed significant portions of the term, so much so that it doesn't count towards my induction.

On top of that, I've come to realise that I want to be in a primary classroom. Is it possible for me to change phase? Would I have to be retrained, and how and when would I be able to make the switch?

If I stay until the baby is due I could squeeze in one term towards my induction but I'm concerned that if I do this I will be under obligation to complete my induction year in secondary school, meaning that I have to return to secondary teaching after the birth - I want to avoid this. What are my options?

A: Congratulations! If you've been employed since September, the Autumn term does count. If you have more than 30 school days' absence your induction period will be extended by the number of days missed, but all employment counts if you're on a contract of at least a term.

As for changing to primary, you can do it at any time. You have qualified status and that means you can teach any subject to any age group. However, I should leave such a big step until after you've completed your induction because you've got to show that you meet all the QTS and induction standards. If you choose to do so in an unfamiliar phase, plus teaching 10 subjects, you're taking a huge risk.

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