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Prime Minister's testing time

If any of you have students who feel ashamed of a lack of computer skills - and are, as a result, reluctant to sign up for a course - they should be assured that this is one area where even the Prime Minister has a few gremlins.

According to Alastair Campbell, the PM's former spin doctor, Tony Blair's lack of IT skills was on public display when he visited a college's IT centre. In a recent article, penned for search engine AOL's "discuss"

website, Campbell spilled the beans:

"He once attended a class for adults trying to learn new computer skills in the north east of England. Because of the media interest, we had TV cameras and press photographers in for part of the lesson, which concluded with a series of tests. The Prime Minister noticed that the man next to him seemed nervous, almost anxious. "I'm sorry you have to endure all this media glare just because you're next to me," said Mr Blair. "No, no," came the reply, "that's not what's worrying me. What's worrying me is that you're the Prime Minister, I'm long-term unemployed, and I've done better than you in every single test we've done."

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