Prime primary science

Primary Science has nine units covering Earth in space; materials from Earth; changing materials; properties and uses of energy; conversion and transfer of energy; forces and their effects; variety and characteristic features; the processes of life; and interaction of living things with their environment. Each unit has lesson ideas and activities including quizzes and games. There is also an overview of attainment targets that should be met in each unit and the "Key terms" page gives descriptions of all terminology used. Fee per school per year is pound;100.

Musical talent hunt

The charity Awards for Young Musicians is looking for talented musicians to support this year. Pupils under 18 can apply for individual awards to help with buying an instrument, paying their music tuition fees or attending music courses. Application forms are available from the website below and the deadline is January 31. Parents are required to give evidence of the need for financial support and pupils must have passed their last music exam with a distinction to qualify for a grant. Awards of up to pound;2000 each will be made in April to the successful applicants.

Get the Edge

"People are not reaching their full potential because they are not always able to learn in ways that suit them." This is the message that Edge: Campaign for Practical Learning is trying to get across. Edge runs a multitude of projects in addition to awards such as the Edge Employer Awards, rewarding employers' initiatives to incorporate practical learning into their workplaces and invest in projects that create opportunities. The Edge website provides free online resources and lesson plans for learning by doing in the classroom and a library of case studies describing success stories in practical learning. The Learner Forum enables young people to give their opinions about the campaign.

Unacceptable behaviour

"Flirting women are not asking for rape", says Maggie Baxter, executive director of Womankind Worldwide. The high levels of social acceptance of rape reported recently in a report by Amnesty International UK need challenging. In November 2005 Womankind launched a website for young people containing activities and information about sexual consent, rape, domestic violence and sexual bullying. It provides an online neighbourhood where participants go to school, hang around with friends, go to the newsagents, visit a refuge, go clubbing, get advice and see the police. At each stage participants give their opinions relating to different scenarios. There is information about what the refuges, advice centres and the police can do and what support they offer as well as details of other organisations that can help.

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