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Principals' pay league

From the soaring heights of pound;164,000 at Barnsley College, to a modest pound;40,000 at Coleg Harlech the third annual TES Survey lists the salaries and benefits of those who run our colleges.

1 Barnsley College (1) pound;164,644 pound;24.6m

2 Birmingham Coll of Food pound;137,000 pound;17.8m

3 E Durham amp; Hough Com Coll pound;136,588 pound;12.7m

4 Kingston College pound;118,212 pound;15.1m

5 S Birmingham College pound;116,937 pound;23.3m

6 S E Essex Coll of Arts amp; Tech pound;116,568 pound;17.2m

7 Newcastle College pound;116,183 pound;34.8m

8 Abingdon and Witney Coll pound;115,347 pound;11.3m

9 New College, Nottingham pound;115,329 pound;45.5m

10 East Berkshire College pound;112,847 pound;19.3m

11 Clydebank College pound;112,000 pound;10.9m

12 Newham College (2) pound;110,828 pound;30.7m

13 Southampton City Coll pound;110,210 pound;13.9m

14 Wirral Met College pound;109,000 pound;22.2m

15 Sandwell College pound;108,947 pound;22.5m

16 Sheffield College (3) pound;108,753 pound;43.6m

17 Basingstoke Coll of Tech pound;108,000 pound;13.0m

18 Reading C amp;S of Arts and Des pound;105,931 pound;21.3m

19 Dudley Coll of Tech pound;105,806 pound;30.3m

20 Stoke on Trent Coll pound;105,072 pound;30.1m

21 Bradford Coll pound;104,775 pound;40.1m

22 N W London Coll pound;104,382 pound;26.1m

23 Richmond upon T Coll pound;103,990 pound;17.8m

24 Barnfield College pound;103,485 pound;17.9m

25 James Watt Coll of Famp;HE pound;103,000 pound;23.4m

25 West Herts College pound;103,000 pound;24.2m

27 Knowsley Com Coll pound;102,713 pound;15.4m

28 Chichester Coll of Arts amp;Tech pound;102,291 pound;20.1m

29 City College, Birmingham pound;102,000 pound;29.0m

30 Aberdeen College pound;101,654 pound;26.6m

31 Lewisham College pound;101,623 pound;24.7m

32 Oaklands College pound;101,282 pound;23.3m

33 Plymouth Coll of FE pound;101,259 pound;24.1m

34 Exeter College pound;101,000 pound;20.2m

35 Southgate College pound;100,969 pound;11.9m

36 Newham 6th Fm Coll pound;100,614 pound;8.7m

37 Doncaster College pound;100,000 pound;25.6m

38 Lambeth College pound;99,478 pound;27.4m

39 Derby Tert Coll pound;99,000 pound;15.3m

40 Preston College pound;98,890 pound;28.2m

41 Manchester Coll of Arts amp;Tech pound;98,000 pound;33.2m

41 Coleg Gwent pound;98,000 pound;38.0m

41 Colchester Inst pound;98,000 pound;20.9m

44 City amp; Islington Coll pound;97,599 pound;29.6m

45 Coleg Llysfasi pound;97,577 pound;3.3m

46 S Downs College pound;97,567 pound;15.1m

47 Runshaw College pound;97,207 pound;16.6m

48 Sutton Coldfield Coll pound;96,413 pound;15.1m

49 N Herts College pound;96,003 pound;13.5m

50 Eastbourne Coll of Arts amp;Tech pound;96,000 pound;11.0m

51 Cornwall College pound;95,693 pound;32.4m

52 S Cheshire College pound;94,678 pound;13.0m

53 St Charles Cath 6th Fm Coll pound;95,572 pound;3.8m

54 NE Surrey Coll of Tech pound;94,508 pound;16.2m

55 Hackney Com Coll pound;94,063 pound;19.6m

56 Gloucester Coll of Artsamp; Tech pound;93,771 pound;20.1m

57 Hertford Reg Coll pound;93,754 pound;16.2m

57 Barnet College pound;93,754 pound;27.7m

59 N Birmingham College pound;93,466 pound;7.4m

60 Cambridge Reg Coll pound;93,250 pound;16.8m

61 Liverpool Comm pound;93,000 pound;32.2m

61 Bury College (4) pound;93,000 pound;16.1m

63 Dewsbury College (5) pound;92 588 pound;11.3m

64 Havering Coll of Famp; HE pound;92,210 pound;18.1m

65 Coll of W Anglia pound;92,000 pound;17.5m

65 Hammersmith and W Lond Coll pound;92,000 pound;19.1m

67 Mid Kent Coll of Hamp; F E pound;91,740 pound;20.7m

68 City College Norwich pound;91,529 pound;29.8m

69 City College Manchester pound;91,421 pound;35.0m

70 Blackburn College pound;91,344 pound;27.4m

71 Highbury Coll, Portsmouth pound;91,203 pound;18.5m

72 Coleg Llandrillo pound;91,176 pound;18.6m

73 Matthew Boulton Coll of Famp;HE pound;91,170 pound;13.3m

74 Bournemouth and Poole Coll pound;91,000 pound;27.4m

75 Telford Coll Edinburgh pound;90,865 pound;20.1m

76 Carshalton College pound;90,253 pound;9.3m

77 East Surrey College pound;90,157 pound;10.8m

78 City of Sunderland College pound;90,017 pound;29.4m

79 St Helens College pound;90,000 pound;31.9m

80 New Basildon Coll (6) pound;89,725 pound;6.1m

81 West Kent College pound;89,548 pound;13.6m

82 Arts Inst of Bournemouth pound;89,536 pound;7.1m

83 Farnborough Coll of Tech pound;89,160 pound;16.5m

84 N W Kent Coll of Tech pound;89,000 pound;15.1m

84 Deeside College pound;89,000 pound;13.2m

86 Greenwich Comm Coll pound;88,921 pound;13.5m

87 S Thames College pound;88,873 pound;19.5m

88 Belfast Inst of Famp;HE pound;88,723 pound;35.5m

89 Crawley College pound;88,706 pound;13.8m

90 Pontypridd College (7) pound;88,624 pound;15.8m

91 Leicester College pound;88,535 pound;31.6m

92 Northbrook Coll, Sussex pound;88,329 pound;16.9m

93 Stockport College of Famp;HE pound;88,015 pound;21.0m

94 Uxbridge College pound;88,000 pound;14.3m

94 Canterbury College pound;88,000 pound;16.4m

94 N Nottinghamshire Coll pound;88,000 pound;9.5m

94 Ayr College pound;88,000 pound;7.0m

98 Warrington Collegiate Inst pound;87,975 pound;17.6m

99 Park Lane College pound;87,895 pound;23.2m

100 Yale College pound;87,471 pound;16.4m

101 Harlow College pound;87,335 pound;11.9m

102 Hull College pound;87,056 pound;27.6m

103 New College, Pontefract pound;87,000 pound;4.1m

104 Wakefield College pound;86,994 pound;17.5m

105 Wiltshire College pound;86,904 pound;25.6m

106 Weston College pound;86,520 pound;13.2m

107 Coll of NE London pound;86,514 pound;23.8m

108 Isle of Wight College pound;86,006 pound;9.9m

109 Moulton College pound;86,000 pound;8.6m

110 N Warks amp; Hinckley Coll pound;85,920 pound;20.3m

111 Telford Col of Arts amp;Tech pound;85,815 pound;11.2m

112 Richmond Adult Com Coll pound;85,126 pound;7.3m

113 Swansea College pound;85,000 pound;17.6m

114 Darlington College of Tech pound;84,943 pound;13.7m

115 Blackpool and the Fylde Coll pound;84,897 pound;28.1m

116 West Thames College pound;84,644 pound;13.3m

117 Tower Hamlets College pound;84,593 pound;19.1m

118 Plymouth Coll of Art amp; Des pound;84,503 pound;4.6m

119 Bridgwater College pound;84,317 pound;14.1m

120 Bromley College of Famp;HE pound;84,218 pound;13.1m

121 Kilmarnock College pound;84,165 pound;10.8m

122 Thanet College pound;84,000 pound;11.4m

122 Bridgend College pound;84,000 pound;17.8m

122 Barking College pound;84,000 pound;17.0m

122 Reid Kerr College pound;84,000 pound;14.8m

122 Shrewsbury Coll of Artsamp;Tech pound;84,000 pound;11.5m

127 Walsall Coll Arts amp;Technology pound;83,905 pound;18.8m

128 Swindon College pound;83,706 pound;21.8m

129 Newbury College (8) pound;83,446 pound;7.8m

130 Coleg Sir Gar pound;83,380 pound;19.7m

131 Oldham 6th Fm Coll pound;83,297 pound;7.2m

132 Coleg Glen Hafren pound;83,000 pound;14.0m

132 Teeside Tertiary Coll pound;83,000 pound;11.3m

134 Worcester Coll of Tech pound;82,870 pound;17.1m

135 Guildford College of Famp;HE pound;82,000 pound;15.5m

135 Aylesbury College pound;82,000 pound;8.3m

135 Dundee College pound;82,000 pound;18.1m

138 Glasgow College of B and P pound;81,962 pound;12.0m

139 Braintree College pound;81,567 pound;6.2m

140 Boston College pound;81,544 pound;8.5m

141 Warwickshire Coll pound;81,462 pound;21.2m

142 Tresham Institute pound;81,358 pound;16.0m

143 N E Worcs College pound;81,344 pound;13.9m

144 Leyton 6thFm Coll pound;80,672 pound;5.8m

145 Southwark College pound;80,550 pound;15.6m

146 Amersham amp; Wycombe Coll pound;80,163 pound;15.2m

147 Bedford College pound;80,149 pound;13.0m

148 City of Wolverhampton Coll pound;80,000 pound;27.2m

148 Lewes Tert Coll pound;80,000 pound;12.1m

148 Filton College pound;80,000 pound;14.1m

148 Solihull College pound;80,000 pound;24.0m

152 Furness College pound;79,977 pound;6.0m

153 Suffolk College pound;79,974 pound;24.0m

154 Rother Valley Coll pound;79,602 pound;7.6m

155 Merrist Wood Coll pound;79,569 pound;5.4m

156 Myerscough Coll pound;79,534 pound;11.5m

157 York College pound;79,432 pound;18.5m

158 Lauder College pound;79,350 pound;16.3m

159 Gladalming College pound;79,329 pound;5.4m

160 Mackworth College pound;79,212 pound;10.0m

161 Keighley College pound;79,161 pound;7.3m

162 City Coll, Brightonamp;Hove pound;79,056 pound;12.9m

163 N Devon College pound;79,000 pound;13.7m

163 Grimsby College pound;79,000 pound;19.0m

163 Somerset Coll of Artsamp;Tech pound;79,000 pound;16.0m

163 W Cheshire College pound;79,000 pound;15.4m

163 Hopwood Hall Coll pound;79,000 pound;14.9m

168 Selby College pound;78,873 pound;5.9m

169 Upper Bann Inst of F amp; HE pound;78,824 pound;9.7m

170 Southport College pound;78,814 pound;10.4m

171 Brockenhurst Coll pound;78,795 pound;9.3m

172 Oxford College of FE pound;78,694 pound;15.6m

173 Greenhead College pound;78,566 pound;5.7m

174 Rotherham Coll Arts amp; Tech pound;78,563 pound;11.5m

175 Wigan and Leigh College pound;78,453 pound;30.1m

176 Truro College pound;78,417 pound;11.9m

177 Ystrad Mynach College pound;78,318 pound;9.5m

178 Leeds Coll of Tech pound;78,197 pound;8.5m

179 Inverness College pound;78,171 pound;11.8m

180 Brooklands Coll pound;78,043 pound;12.9m

181 Halton College pound;78,027 pound;16.4m

182 Stevenson College pound;78,000 pound;17.5m

182 City Literary Inst pound;78,000 pound;9.7m

184 Leek Coll of FE amp; Sch of Art pound;77,820 pound;4.1m

185 Yorks Coast Coll of Famp; HE pound;77,435 pound;7.6m

186 Skelmersdale Coll pound;77,393 pound;11.2m

187 Milton Keynes Coll pound;77,376 pound;15.6m

188 Orpington College pound;77,324 pound;7.4m

189 Neath PTalbot Coll pound;77,000 pound;18.3m

189 Thurrock College pound;77,000 pound;10.7m

190 Broxtowe College pound;76,917 pound;10.9m

191 W Suffolk College pound;76,785 pound;12.8m

192 St Austell College pound;76,647 pound;15.2m

193 Solihull 6th Fm Coll pound;76,467 pound;8.2m

194 N East Ins of F amp;HE pound;76,307 pound;13.7m

195 Accrington amp; Ross pound;76,160 pound;13.5m

196 Oldham College pound;76,000 pound;13.5m

196 Hastings Coll of Arts amp;Tech pound;76,000 pound;14.1m

196 Croydon College pound;76,000 pound;25.0m

199 Merton College pound;75,898 pound;10.0m

200 N West Inst of F amp;HE pound;75,837 pound;20.4m

201 Enfield College pound;75,667 pound;8.6m

202 Fareham College pound;75,572 pound;10.0m

203 S Devon College pound;75,562 pound;15.7m

204 Burton College pound;75,538 pound;11.3m

205 Huddersfield Tech Coll pound;75,415 pound;21.3m

206 Carlisle College pound;75,366 pound;10.3m

207 Priestley College pound;75,310 pound;3.8m

208 C of Westminster Coll pound;75,250 pound;19.9m

209 Rugby Coll of FE pound;75,240 pound;6.7m

210 Strode College pound;75,180 pound;9.7m

211 People's Coll Nottingham pound;75,000 pound;11.1m

211 Isle College pound;75,000 pound;5.1m

211 Coleg Menai pound;75,000 pound;11.7m

211 Redcar and Cleveland Coll pound;75,000 pound;10.0m

215 Bournville College of FE pound;74,890 pound;10.3m

216 Seevic College pound;74,832 pound;6.1m

217 Peter Symonds' College pound;74,774 pound;9.0m

218 North Lincolnshire Coll pound;74,697 pound;17.9m

219 Askham Bryan Coll pound;74,659 pound;6.8m

220 Peterborough Regi Coll pound;74,503 pound;13.9m

221 Fife Colle of F amp; HE pound;74,371 pound;13.9m

222 Salisbury College pound;74,337 pound;11.7m

223 Herefordshire Coll of Tech pound;74,256 pound;10.0m

224 Coleg Powys pound;74,200 pound;9.0m

225 North Lindsey College pound;74,000 pound;11.8m

225 North Glasgow College pound;74,000 pound;7.6m

225 South Trafford College pound;74,000 pound;12.1m

228 Bishop Burton College pound;73,546 pound;10.3m

229 Chesterfield College pound;73,510 pound;15.1m

230 Co Operative College pound;73,386 pound;1.6m

231 Bell College of Tech pound;73,380 pound;14.7m

232 Henley College pound;73,273 pound;6.6m

233 Ridge Danyers College pound;73,157 pound;12.3m

234 Walford amp; N Shropshire Coll pound;73,110 pound;7.9m

235 Coventry Tech College pound;73,104 pound;11.5m

236 Carmel College pound;73,000 pound;4.9m

236 Motherwell College pound;73,000 pound;15.2m

236 Pembrokeshire Coll pound;73,000 pound;12.4m

237 Tile Hill College of FE pound;72,956 pound;13.4m

238 Epping Forest College (9) pound;72,811 pound;10.0m

239 Otley College of Ag and Hort pound;72,810 pound;7.8m

240 Queen Mary's College pound;72,756 pound;6.5m

241 Kens!ton and Chelsea Coll pound;72,517 pound;9.6m

242 Leeds College of Art amp; Des pound;72,414 pound;4.8m

243 Park College Eastbourne pound;72,358 pound;3.0m

244 Borders College pound;72,281 pound;6.9m

245 Newcastle u Lyme Coll pound;72,252 pound;11.4m

246 North Tyneside College pound;72,175 pound;12.6m

247 City of Bath College pound;72,155 pound;11.7m

248 John Leggott College pound;72,077 pound;6.2m

249 Sixth Fm Coll Colchester pound;72,000 pound;7.1m

249 Lancaster amp; M!cambe Coll pound;72,000 pound;11.9m

249 Falkirk College of F amp; HE pound;72,000 pound;14.7m

252 St Dominic's 6th Fm Coll pound;71,811 pound;3.02m

253 Berkshire Coll of Agric pound;71,581 pound;4.6m

254 Farnborough 6th Fm Coll pound;71,577 pound;6.0m

255 Havant College pound;71,282 pound;4.8m

256 Hartpury College pound;71,258 pound;9.6m

257 Haywards Heath College pound;71,211 pound;3.5m

258 Omagh Collof FE pound;71,178 pound;5.9m

259 Halesowen College pound;71,000 pound;10.1m

259 Glenrothes College pound;71,000 pound;10.1m

259 Cleveland Coll of Art amp; Des pound;71,000 pound;4.4m

259 Perth College pound;71,000 pound;10.3m

263 Stephenson Coll, Coalville pound;70,830 pound;7.7m

264 Chelmsford Coll pound;70,809 pound;8.3m

265 Yeovil College pound;70,791 pound;11.3m

266 Newark amp; Sherw!d Coll pound;70,516 pound;6.0m

267 Dumfries amp; Galloway Coll pound;70,409 pound;pound;8.6m

268 Hugh Baird College pound;70,393 pound;12.2m

269 Stourbridge College pound;70,347 pound;12.7m

270 Alton College pound;70,346 pound;5.8m

271 Esher College pound;70,289 pound;4.2m

272 Totton College pound;70,263 pound;5.2m

273 New College Swindon pound;70,190 pound;6.8m

274 Castlereagh Coll of FE pound;70,181 pound;6.2m

275 Luton 6th Fm College pound;70,146 pound;7.8m

276 Ashton u Lyne 6th Fm Coll pound;70,058 pound;4.5m

277 Dearne Valley College pound;70,000 pound;61.7m

277 Henley College Coventry pound;70,000 pound;8.9m

277 Central Coll of Commerce pound;70,000 pound;8.1m

277 John Wheatley College pound;70,000 pound;5.8m

281 W Nottinghamshire College pound;69,936 pound;18.4m

282 Broomfield College pound;69,909 pound;3.1m

283 Capel Manor College pound;69,766 pound;3.8m

284 Bracknell amp; Wok!h!m Coll pound;69,750 pound;8.5m

285 Elmwood College pound;69,694 pound;7.6m

286 Stamford College pound;69,631 pound;5.6m

287 N Down and Ards Inst Famp; HE pound;69,595 pound;11.5m

288 Havering 6th Fm Coll pound;69,581 pound;6.3m

289 Loughborough College pound;69,537 pound;13.7m

290 Eastleigh College pound;69,433 pound;8.1m

291 North Trafford Coll of FE pound;69,358 pound;9.8m

292 Tameside College pound;69,116 pound;17.6m

293 Collyer!s College pound;69,069 pound;3.9m

294 N Derbyshire Tert Coll pound;69,005 pound;5.3m

295 Moray College (10) pound;69,000 pound;7.5m

295 Glasgow Coll of Naut Stud pound;69,000 pound;9.9m

295 Barry College pound;69,000 pound;10.2m

295 Winstanley College cuts pound;69,000 pound;5.4m

295 Causeway Inst of Famp; HE pound;69,000 pound;6.0m

300 Palmer's College pound;68,535 pound;5.7m

301 Northampton Coll pound;68,367 pound;14.2m

302 New College Telford pound;67,944 pound;4.2m

303 Daventry Tertiary College pound;67,777 pound;4.6m

304 N Ireland Hot and Cat Coll pound;67,669 pound;2.6m

305 Stanmore College pound;67,662 pound;6.0m

306 Aquinas College pound;67,545 pound;5.1m

307 King George V College pound;67,233 pound;4.2m

308 Cannock Chase Tech Coll pound;67,000 pound;6.3m

308 Norton Radstock Coll pound;67,000 pound;5.0m

308 Christ the King 6th Fm Coll pound;67,000 pound;4.4m

308 Wigston College of FE pound;67,000 pound;4.8m

312 Stoke on Trent 6th Fm Coll pound;66,899 pound;5.4m

313 Cricklade College pound;66,809 pound;6.1m

314 N Oxfordshire Coll pound;66,755 pound;7.0m

315 K Edward VI Coll Stour (11) pound;66,720 pound;4.5m

316 Wyggeston and Q Eliz I Coll pound;66,706 pound;6.0m

317 Anniesland College pound;66,648 pound;8.6m

318 Shrewsbury 6th Fm Coll pound;66,599 pound;3.6m

319 Hadlow College pound;66,513 pound;5.2m

320 Bolton 6th Fm College pound;66,411 pound;4.2m

321 Kingston Maurward Coll pound;66,320 pound;4.9m

322 Q Elizabeth 6th Fm Coll pound;66,246 pound;4.2m

323 St Vincent College pound;66,197 pound;5.3m

324 Long Road 6th Fm Coll pound;66,015 pound;5.9m

325 Evesham amp; Malvern H Coll pound;66,000 pound;6.4m

325 Angus College pound;66,000 pound;7.2m

325 Banff and Buchan Coll FE (12) pound;66,000 pound;7.2m

325 Cardonald College pound;66,000 pound;14.2m

325 Cumbernauld College pound;66,000 pound;5.7m

325 Worthing 6th Fm Coll pound;66,000 pound;4.4m

331 Circencester Coll pound;65,945 pound;5.6m

332 St John Deane's Coll pound;65,888 pound;4.7m

333 Blackpool 6th Fm Coll pound;65,767 pound;3.6m

334 East Devon College pound;65,746 pound;6.0m

335 E Antrim Inst of Famp; HE pound;65,000 pound;9.3m

335 Thomas Rotherham Coll pound;65,000 pound;5.7m

335 Beverley College pound;65,000 pound;6.6m

335 Brinsbury College pound;65,000 pound;4.0m

335 Cannington College pound;65,000 pound;5.7m

340 S E Derbys Coll pound;64,997 pound;9.7m

341 Couldson College pound;64,847 pound;3.9m

342 Redbridge College pound;64,814 pound;7.3m

343 J Chamberlain 6th Fm Coll pound;64,765 pound;4.5m

344 Stockton 6th Fm Coll pound;64,591 pound;3.0m

345 Spelthorne College pound;64,590 pound;2.5m

346 E Down Inst of Famp; HE pound;64,361 pound;7.2m

347 Sir George Monoux College pound;64,360 pound;4.5m

348 Barton Peveril College pound;64,082 pound;6.8m

349 Calderdale College Corp pound;64,045 pound;13.6m

350 Leeds Collof Building pound;64,000 pound;5.8m

350 Worcester 6th Fm Coll pound;64,000 pound;4.7m

350 Penwith College pound;64,000 pound;3.9m

353 Sparsholt Coll Hants pound;63,808 pound;10.1m

354 Wyke College pound;63,796 pound;3.6m

355 Stow College pound;63,711 pound;8.8m

356 Ruskin College Oxford pound;63,706 pound;3.0m

357 Joseph Priestley College pound;63,685 pound;4.8m

358 Grantham College pound;63,638 pound;7.1m

359 Langside College, Glasgow pound;63,550 pound;9.5m

360 Huntingdonshire Reg Coll pound;63,448 pound;5.4m

361 Josiah Mason Coll pound;63,411 pound;7.9m

362 Stratford upon Avon College pound;63,217 pound;6.6m

363 Hillcroft College pound;63,202 pound;1.3m

364 John Ruskin College pound;63,182 pound;4.6m

365 Northern College pound;63,078 pound;4.2m

366 Lakes College pound;63,000 pound;6.7m

367 Reaseheath College pound;62,890 pound;6.6m

368 Tamworth amp; Lichfield Coll pound;62,850 pound;9.3m

369 Reigate College pound;62,669 pound;3.9m

370 Cadbury 6th Fm College pound;62,648 pound;4.3m

371 Gateway 6th Fm College pound;62,347 pound;4.5m

372 Holy Cross College pound;62,345 pound;4.0m

373 Herefordshire Coll Art amp; Des pound;62,292 pound;2.8m

374 Birkenhead 6th Fm College pound;62,018 pound;4.4m

375 Morley College pound;62,000 pound;4.9m

376 Fermanagh College pound;61,661 pound;7.4m

377 Xaverian Coll Manchester pound;61,460 pound;4.8m

378 Stafford College pound;61,235 pound;14.8m

379 Great Yarmouth Coll of FE pound;61,137 pound;7.2m

380 Wilberforce College pound;61,000 pound;3.9m

380 Lisburn Institute pound;61,000 pound;6.4m

382 Kidderminster Coll pound;60,923 pound;4.9m

383 Hereward College pound;60,778 pound;4.3m

384 Prior Pursglove Coll pound;60,694 pound;4.0m

385 Tynemouth Coll pound;60,510 pound;4.9m

386 Limavady Coll of FE pound;60,301 pound;5.3m

387 Working Mens' Coll pound;60,269 pound;1.7m

388 Royal Forest of Dean Coll pound;60,019 pound;6.1m

389 E Tyrone Coll of Famp;HE pound;60,000 pound;5.6m

389 Richard Huish College pound;60,000 pound;4.5m

389 West Lothian College pound;60,000 pound;8.8m

389 Bicton College of Ag pound;60,000 pound;5.8m

389 South Lanarkshire Coll pound;60,000 pound;6.0m

394 Weymouth College pound;59,932 pound;15.4m

395 The Mary Ward Centre pound;59,913 pound;2.0m

396 Strode's College pound;59,613 pound;3.5m

397 North Area College pound;59,559 pound;4.2m

398 Woking College pound;59,544 pound;2.5m

399 Woodhouse College pound;59,256 pound;3.1m

400 Pendleton College pound;59,248 pound;4.2m

401 Clackmannan College of FE pound;59,248 pound;4.2m

402 Hereford 6th Fm College pound;59,117 pound;3.6m

403 Franklin College pound;59,006 pound;4.2m

404 Eccles College pound;59,000 pound;4.0m

404 Bexhill College pound;59,000 pound;3.9m

404 Gorseinon College (13) pound;59,000 pound;8.0m

404 Lowestoft College pound;59,000 pound;9.8m

408 Loreto College pound;58,488 pound;3.8m

409 Kendal College Corp pound;58,476 pound;4.4m

410 Lews Castle College pound;58,344 pound;4.9m

411 K Edward VI Coll, Nuneaton pound;58,260 pound;2.6m

412 Craven College pound;58,130 pound;6.5m

413 Regent College pound;58,049 pound;2.9m

414 N Highland College pound;58,000 pound;6.2m

414 Vardean College pound;58,000 pound;3.8m

416 Portsmouth College pound;57,693 pound;3.4m

417 Nelson amp; Colne College pound;57,684 pound;9.9m

418 Bilborough College pound;57,638 pound;3.1m

419 St Mary's Coll Blackburn pound;57,541 pound;3.4m

420 Leeds College of Music pound;57,104 pound;4.0m

421 Shipley College pound;57,000 pound;5.2m

422 Glasgow Coll of Food Tech pound;57,000 pound;5.5m

423 Farnham College pound;56,902 pound;2.4m

424 Barrow in Furness 6th Fm pound;56,529 pound;3.0m

425 Easton College pound;56,496 pound;3.7m

426 Brighton H amp;Suss 6th Fm Coll pound;56,000 pound;4.7m

427 Pershore Grp of Colls pound;56,000 pound;7.2m

428 Coleg Ceredigion pound;56,000 pound;3.9m

429 Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor pound;55,994 pound;6.4m

430 St Mary's Coll, Middlesbro pound;55,541 pound;2.6m

431 Coatbridge College pound;55,525 pound;6.3m

432 Barony College pound;55,141 pound;2.7m

433 Aberdare College pound;55,058 pound;3.5m

434 Rycotewood College pound;55,000 pound;2.6m

434 Oatridge Ag Coll pound;55,000 pound;4.2m

434 St David's RC 6th Fm pound;55,000 pound;3.2m

437 St John Rigby RC 6th Fm Coll pound;54,643 pound;2.8m

438 Paston College pound;54,294 pound;2.0m

439 E Norfolk 6th Fm Coll pound;54,000 pound;2.5m

439 Rodbaston College pound;54,000 pound;4.5m

441 Salford College pound;53,412 pound;10.2m

442 Fircroft Coll of Ad Ed pound;53,200 pound;1.7m

443 Scarborough 6th Fm Coll pound;52,220 pound;2.8m

444 Merthyr Tydfil College pound;50,976 pound;4.3m

445 Widnes amp; Runc 6th Fm Coll pound;50,813 pound;3.2m

446 Plumpton Coll pound;50,747 pound;4.0m

447 Jewel amp; Esk Vall Coll (14) pound;49,647 pound;13.6m

448 Bede Coll pound;48,805 pound;1.7m

449 Ludlow College pound;48,249 pound;2.3m

450 Bolton Com Coll pound;48,044 pound;12m

451 Welsh Coll of Hort pound;46,563 pound;4.2m

452 Plater Coll pound;44,819 pound;1.0m

453 Macclesfield College (15) pound;42,813 pound;5.5m

454 Coleg Harlech pound;40,441 pound;1.3m


1 Emoluments include salaries to the CE and acting CE and interim principal

2 Includes additional remuneration for principal's secondment to another FE college

3 Includes emoluments of the principal and seconded principal

4 Includes additional payment for secondment to Barnsley College from 14th March 2001

5 Figure includes pay in lieu of notice

6 Includes emolument of principal and acting principal

7 Includes emoluments for previous and current principal

8 includes amounts to principal and acting principal

9 includes emolument to past and present principals

10 Old principal, acting principal and new principal

11 Includes emolument to past and present principals

12 Includes pound;5000 to outgoing principal

13 includes current principal and one month of previous principal

14 emolument till April 2001

15 salary of previous principal and current principal pound;5.5m

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