Principals' pay report omits vital facts

The article on the front page of FE Focus (January 7) says that I appear to be the highest-paid principal in the country with total remuneration in 2002-3 of pound;156,898. This is inaccurate.

The college's annual accounts for that year give a detailed breakdown of the remuneration of both the outgoing and incoming principal, with two people being employed for an overlapping, handover period. I had total remuneration of pound;106,911 for 11 months and my predecessor was paid pound;50,078 for five months.

On a full-year basis, therefore, my total remuneration would have been Pounds 116,630 - about 25th in the league. This compares with our turnover, which is about the 15th largest.

My governors are careful to maintain a remuneration policy that is in line with the sector and this misquoting of the facts is a slur on their diligence and careful consideration of these matters.

Ian Ashman Principal Lambeth college

The explanation was originally included but was unfortunately omitted from the final version of the tables. We apologise for any embarrassment this may have caused.FE Editor

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