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Principals told to stop meddling in AOC;FE Focus

A leading organisation for college principals is accused of planning a slate to get its preferred candidates on to the new board of the Association of Colleges.

Members of the Association of Principals of Colleges had already warned officers against meddling in the affairs of another organisation after an attempt to stop the AOC board from standing down. The board resigned after TES revelations of improper links between their former chief executive Roger Ward and outside suppliers.

Nomination papers for the new board went out last month.

The APC attempted to persuade the AOC board to stay in office before a mass meeting in Birmingham, where the board was prevailed on to resign. The attempt angered many members who urged the APC officers to "back off" and "keep at arm's length" from the affairs of the AOC.

But the APC has now split its membership by writing to "consult" members on whether it should have a slate for the AOC elections. One member commented:

"I think we can expect a dirty fight."

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