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Privatisation by any other name...

NICE try, New Labour, but the idea that putting the London borough of Camden on the list of those who can step in to run privatised education authorities, and then claiming that if they do, it isn't really privatisation is not a starter (TES, September 22).

Agreed, one hopes, Camden knows a bit more about the subject than, say, Group 4, another shortlisted concern. However, the contractual arrangement is exatly the same.

This means that, for example in Haringey where Camden is helping out, that Camden's council taxpayers will benefit from the profit made.

Good news for the residents of Camden, less so for those in Haringey who face not only privatisation but also subsidising another borough out of their council tax.

Keith Flett

Haringey Against Privatisation

Tottenham, London N17

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