Probationers can like it or lump it

I am writing to you with concern over my placement year for completing my probation as a teacher.

The requirement to choose five authorities posed a problem for me straightaway as I have a four- year-old daughter who is due to start school in August and I have a fiance who works in Ellon.

I enclosed a covering letter explaining that, although I had to put down five choices, I could only attend two of them - Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City.

However, I received a letter stating that I had been allocated to Moray Council. Much to my disbelief, I thought that there might have been some mistake. However, I then received another letter stating that I would be able to start a job in Buckie Community High School in August.

I felt that this was unreasonable travelling time for someone with a family. I would be spending approximately pound;60 a week on filling up my car to get there and back.

I spoke to someone at the GTC who said I was lucky to have received a placement. Yes I feel that I was lucky but realistically is this reasonable for anyone in my situation? What if I had been placed in Inverness? Would that have been deemed reasonable?

At first when the scheme was announced, my class knew what places were available in both Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen, and these places would have been accounted for from my class alone.

This would enable most of the people to get a place that would suit them. However, it seems to be the case that a lot of students from down south have got more places here than locals.

Jill Craggs Faculty of Education Aberdeen University

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