Probationers snub bright lights of Twynholm

SECONDARIES in Dumfries and Galloway are 19 teachers short after the failure of the new one-year induction plans to direct probationers to the south-west.

The council was allocated 35 trainees and created space for them, only to discover that few wanted to teach in what Fraser Sanderson, education director, described as "a peripheral maritime region".

"Students having four or five years in the central belt are not particularly attracted by the bright lights of Twynholm," Mr Sanderson added.

He told the GTC, which administered the scheme, that there were continuing concerns about the failure to absorb native students who studied closer to home in the north of England. And schools knew nothing about the students they were receiving.

The GTC admitted it was swamped by complaints last week. Some 74 per cent of 1,122 primary students were placed with their first choice authority but only 51 per cent in secondary.

Around 60 secondary students have yet to be placed, 5.5 per cent of the total.

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