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The problem with the BNP

I fear that most people are unable to grasp the real point against a teacher standing for the British National party. The public see teaching as being about delivering content, hence the suggestion that in maths, the teacher's views are less relevant than when teaching history.

But teaching is also about interacting with children. There are a series of "professional standards for qualified teacher status". The eight standards relating to professional values and practice precede the eight referring to knowledge and understanding, which in turn precede those relating to teaching.

Professional values and practice come first, because if they are not upheld, teaching of content and skills will be ineffective.

Standard 1.1 says "They have high expecations of all pupils; respect their social, cultural, linguistic, religous and ethnic backgrounds; and are committed to raising their educational achievement".

How is this compatible with BNP membership?

Brian Lyons 6 Bryanstone Mews, Colchester

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