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Profession needs the bursary

IT is unfair that BEd students do not receive the same incentives as PGCE students. But I take issue with Jennifer Salt's claim that PGCE students lack the dedication of their BEd peers.

As a PGCE student, I can say that neither myself, nor any of my colleagues, took the decision to embark on the course lightly. Given its intensive nature and the immense workload, I think we display as much (if not more) dedication as any other trainees.

Many PGCE students are mature people, who bring with them a wealth of relevant life and childcare experience. Such students offer a broad range of skills and qualities to the teaching profession, which can only serve to enrich it. Bearing in mind that many PGCE students have young families to support, I would think that a training bursary is the only way to ensure that teacher-training is a feasible option for mature, talented and experienced individuals.

Claire McQuillan

27 Tetherdown

Muswell Hill

London N10

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