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Professional foul

While there are, doubtless, extenuating circumstances surrounding the decision of a special school in Croydon not to exclude permanently a pupil responsible for a teacher's broken nose (TES, November 15), the comments by the LEA's education officer that this shows "a level of professionalism that doesn't get advertised enough" is, at best, unhelpful and, at worst, grossly irresponsible.

For too long, teachers have been expected to endure in the name of "professionalism" situations and behaviour considered unacceptable anywhere else in society. It is not professional to tolerate behaviour that prevents teachers teaching and other pupils from learning.

This attitude may allow LEAs to win Brownie points for reducing exclusions, but at what cost to schools?

AMANDA HAEHNER NASUWT national executive member GRAHAM CLUER NASUWT local secretary Croydon

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