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Professionalism welcomed

The newly-formed College of Teachers welcomes the timely focus on the professionalism of teachers brought by the publication of the Government's Green Paper.

Nobody comes into teaching just for the money; and there is little room for financial rivalry between professionals where their success is best achieved through collaboration. The more immediate needs of teachers are good training, support in the classroom and working conditions that match the complex demands made of every teacher. It is right for proper recognition to be given to the professional capability of teachers, not with the threat of a hurdle or a bar to career advancement, but with the promise of professional development, the confidence of the school and its community and the trust of a society that depends increasingly upon its teachers.

The teaching profession, like any other, has a right to self-determination and its own, independent voice. The College of Teachers aims to provide that voice, help to raise teachers' morale and work to establish the professional status that teachers fully deserve.

George Varnava Chair Professional Committee College of Teachers 5 Wheatlands Lane Newbury Berkshire

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