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Professionals, but treated as 'temps'

AS a full-time supply teacher, imagine my delight at learning that a supply agency has staff health in mind (TES, October 27).

The more cynical among us might be tempted to judge this the logical result of considered accounting and a drive to maximise the agency's profits.

Similarly, Loraine De Simone's bleatings in her letter in the same edition would, perhaps, have credibility if she were willing to dispay more transparency and remind us all of the huge profit made by Select Education in the past financial year.

Supply teachers are among the most exploited "professionals" in the British workforce; Ms De Simone's reference to us as "temporary workers" rather gives the game away and exposes the agencies' true evaluation of our "worth" to them.

Mike Warriss

4 Brenzett Close

Chatham, Kent

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