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Profit is not the only goal

CHARLES Rigby of World Challenge, whom you recently profiled (TES, April 7), is entitled to believe that the unashamed and determined pursuit of the profit motive in his company's provision of adventure expeditions delivers an effective educational experience.

However, this does not entitle him to belittle charitable organisations such as Outward Bound which operate from a different - and many would say preferable - set of values.

For 50 years the Outward Bound Trust, working with senior educationists, has designedadventure courses and expeditions tailored with great care to meet the needs of schools and many of their most de-motivated pupils.

Currently there is exciting and innovative work in progress in Britain and across the world involving partnership between Outward Bound and schools.

Indeed it was Outward Bound in the United States which pioneered the concept of "expeditionary learning" in schools.

Roger Putnam

Former principal

Outward Bound Eskdale




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