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* Thursday March 22 Room A 10.00 am: NASEN Key Strategies for Effective Behaviour Management - Peter Hook KS: All Levels 11.00 am: ASE Secondary Science: Past, present and future? Howard Flavell KS: 3-4.

12.00: FEDA Supporting Key Skills Deirdre Kimbell, Sue Owen-Evans, Judith Woodlock, Lorraine Wilson amp; Peter White KS: 4-16+ 1.00pm ALL The MFL classroom - where's my motivation? - Steven Fawkes KS:3-4 2.00 pm

HA Mystery, Misery and Murder - making local history motivating Michael Riley KS: 3 3.00pm NAME - Music Education in the 21st Century - Richard Hallam EY and KS: All Levels Room B 10.00 am NAHT Managing Performance Management - Mike Parkhouse KS: All Levels 11.00 am SHA "To be or not to be ..." Inclusion issues in Secondary Schools - Margaret Griffin KS: 3-4-16+ 12.00 QCA The Arts amp; Creativity in the Curriculum - Tony Knight KS: All Levels

1.00 pm QCA Key Skills in Modern Apprenticeships - Liz Hunter KS: 4-16+ 2.00pm GA Impact of change in GCSE Geography for Classroom Planning amp; Teaching John Hopkin KS: 3-4 3.00pm DfEE - Learning for work unit Key skills support Learning for Work-based Training - Simon Shaw KS: 4-16+ Concourse Suite - Room C1 10.00am Nelson Thorne Keynote Lecture Writing: Ways to make the best of it - Bill Laar KS: 1-2 amp; Year 7 11.30 am BECTa Practical Ways to use the Internet in the Secondary Classroom - Richard Hammond KS: 3-4

12.45pm NAGM Challenges for School Governors in the New Decade - John Adams KS: All Levels 2.00pm NASEN ADHD: Strategies for and Stories from the Classroom - Finton O'Regan KS: 2-4 3.00pm NLS: Creative Writing in the Literacy Hour - Gordon Askew KS:1-2 Concourse suite room c2 10.00am QCA: ICT amp; the Curriculum - Clare Johnson KS: 3-4 11.30am BDA: Inclusion and Dyslexia Friendly Schools - Lindsay Peer KS: All levels 12.45pm BDA: Multilingualism, Literacy and Dyslexia - A Challenge for Education - Lindsay Peer KS:1-4 2.00pm QCA: World Class Tests in Mathematics - Martin Ripley KS: 2-3 3.00pm QCA: Changes to Qualifications - Patricia BellasMaxine Prince KS: 4-16+

* FRIDAY MARCH 23 Room A10.00am PAT: Inclusion - Jean Gemmell KS: 3-4 11.00am NPT: Developing higher order thinking skills in Mathematics - Bob Sawyer KS: 1-2 12.00 BECTA : Practical ways to use the Internet in the Primary Classroom - Debs Ayerst KS: 1-2 1.00pm CILT: Let's get cracking! With Primary and Early Years MFL - Catherine Cheater EY amp; KS: 1-2 2.00pm NATE:Cracking Drama: Progression of Drama within English - Ruth MoorePaul Bunyan KS: 3-4 3.00pm ATL:Transition from Key Stage 2 to 3: Bridge or Barrier? - Gwenlian Evans KS: 2-3 Room B

10.00am QCA: ICT amp; the Curriculum - Clare Johnson KS: 1-2 11.00am QCA: Development in Mathematics at Key Stage 3-4 - Lyn Churchman KS:3-4 12.00 QCA: PE amp; the Schools Sports Project - Crichton Casbon KS: All levels

1.00pm QCA: Basic Skills and Key Skills - Barry Brook KS: 4-16+ 2.00 ATM Mathematics at Key Stage 3 - Annie Gammon KS: 3 3.00pm PEA Physical Education amp; School Sport - John Matthews KS: All Levels concourse suite room C1 10.00am TES Keynote Lecture Science Education: Capturing the Imagination - Russell Stannard KS: All Levels 11.30am Youth Sport Trust Early Years development and Physical Activity - Sue Barratt KS: EY

12.45pm NASUWTBPA Paralympics Curriculum Project - Olwyn GunnMartin Mansall KS:3-4 2.00pm IAPS Education: The truth and other stories - Managing Curriculum and Assessment Reform - David Hanson KS: 1-2

3.00pm QCA: Key Stage Assessmen - Jackie Bawden KS: All Levels Concourse Suite - Room C 10.00am Poetry Book Society Poetry in the Primary Classroom - Pie CorbettJulia Bird KS: 2

11.30am NLA: Improving Children's Writing at KS2 - Wendy Body KS: 2 12.45pm NASEN: SEN and the Numeracy Strategy - Olwen El-Naggar KS: 1-2 2.00pm NUT: Pupil Behaviour - John BangsKay Jenkins KS: All Levels 3.00pm BDA: Maths and Dyslexia - Steve Chinn KS: 2-3 SATURDAY MARCH 24 Room A10.00am CILT: The European Year of Languages 2001 KS: All Levels 11.00am SMA: Support for Music in Early Years - Can't Sing, Can't Play, Can't Teach Music! - Sue Nicholls EY

12.00 PcfRE Critical and creative thinking skills in RE at key stages 2 and 3 - Lat Blaylock KS: 2-3 1.00pm NATE Writing - Simon WrigleyBarbara Conridge KS: All Levels 2.00pm Teacher Net ICT in Primary - Marilyn LeaskDarren Leafe KS:1-2 Room b10.00am ASE:What can it do for science in your school? - Rona Wyn Davies KS:1-2 11.00am Teacher Net ICT in Early Years - Marilyn LeaskDarren Leafe EY 12.00 MA Developing Mathematical Understanding in the Foundation Stage - Gill Broadbent EY amp; KS: 1 1.00pm NPT 7 Keys to Motivation in the Classroom - Ian Gilbert KS: All Levels 2.00pm GA Raising the profile of Primary Geography:I can do pictures!

Margaret Mackintosh KS 1-2 Concourse Suite - Room C1

10.00am Kingscourt Keynote Lecture Teaching New Tricks - Tim Brighouse 11.30am ALL "I can do that!" - Some practical Primary French activities for class teachers KS: 1-2 12.45pm QCA The Foundation Stage - Lesley Staggs EY 2.00pm NUTMusic for Youth KS:3-4 Concourse suite room c2 10.00am Pre-School Learning Alliance Developing bodily awareness in under-fives - Ann Henderson KS: EY 11.30am NASEN: The Music Makers Approach: Inclusive activities for young children with SEN - Hannah Mortimer EY amp; KS: 1.

12.45pm HA: Please Sir, can I be Queen Elizabeth? - Role play within History - David Atkin KS: 3-4 2.00pm ASE The Importance of Science in Early Years Education - Max de Boo EY amp; KS: 1.


ALL Association for Language Learning

ASE Association for Science Education ATL Association of Teachers and Lecturers

ATM Association of Teachers of Mathematics

BDA British Dyslexia Association

BECTA British Educational Communications amp; Technology Agency BPA British Paralympic Association

CILT Centre for Information on Language Teaching amp; Research

DfEE Department for Education amp; Employment

FEDA Further Education Development Agency

GA Geographical Association

HA Historical Association

IAPS Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools

MA Mathematical Association

NAGM National Association for Governors and Managers

NAHT National Association of Head Teachers

NAME National Association of Music Educators

NASEN National Association for Special Educational Needs

NASUWT National Association of Schoolmasters amp; Union of Women Teachers

NATE National Association for the Teaching of English

NLS National Literacy Strategy

NPT National Primary Trust

NUT National Union of Teachers

PAT Professional Association of Teachers

PCfRE Professional Council for Religious Education

PEA Physical Education Association

QCA Qualification amp; Curriculum Authority SHA Secondary Heads Association

SMA The Schools Music Association

Unbooked tickets will be available free of charge on a first- come, first-served basis from Stand A57

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