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Progress on the Montessori path

Like Tony Bertram, I am concerned about the lack of training among early-years workers (TES, February 14).

When I attempted to complete half my special needs teaching practice in state nurseries and playgroups, I found no useful education for four-year-olds - no structure, no curriculum, no assessment -and you could not tell who was supposed to be in charge.

I suggest that if those with National Nursery Examination Board qualifications want to progress in their careers, they enrol on a recognised teacher training course. Money goes hand in hand with responsibility.

Montessori teachers spend two to four years training in order to open our own schools. Most student Montessori teachers work in order to finance their private teacher training course. We are not lazy, unappreciated or underpaid.

BRIGITTE AKAM 93 Hundred Acres Lane Amersham, Bucks

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