Proud of online pulling power

It's good to talk. And nowhere better for teachers, it seems, than the TES online staffroom. Where else could you ask complete strangers how to use a bidet (good for chilling wine or keeping goldfish), or discuss favourite sandwich recipes (banana and condensed milk, anyone?) or the charms of a Top Gear presenter (clue: it's not Jeremy Clarkson)?

This edge of eccentricity is part of the staffroom's charm, and its astonishing pulling power. Users log in for a chat, advice, or abuse any day, at any time. It is always busy and sometimes - like now - very busy.

But a real sign of its importance to teachers is that online friendships are becoming offline ones. There are romances, quiz nights and social nights out, the biggest yet this week.

It is truly unique, and The TES is (mostly) proud to be part of it.

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