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PSE - Bullying and diversity

What is it?

"Diversity in the Classroom" is a group of resources with discussion topics such as racism, bullying, same-sex relationships and stereotypes. Materials include PowerPoints, lesson plans, images and much more.

How to use it

One of the key skills for running a successful PSE class is knowing how to structure the discussion. Mikegershon has uploaded a PowerPoint Discussion Toolkit, which maps out different scenarios for classroom talks - from circle time to the listening triad, where pupils sit in groups of three and one observes the discussion between the other two.

Football and Racism, a useful PowerPoint uploaded by playwithdolls, could provide a basis for a discussion with S1 to S2. The Fairest Teacher of the Them All?, uploaded by Outspark, provides an ethical dilemma for pupils to consider. This asks pupils to reflect on whether teachers should really treat everyone exactly the same way, and includes notes on how to structure the lesson. For example, it starts with an "arbitrary discrimination" warm-up: while pupils are arranging chairs, the teacher picks out three or four whose name might begin with "J", and treats them with particular kindness, asking them to decide whether his bag of Minstrels taste better crunched or melted. Meanwhile, he or she is severe with the others, who will soon notice, and, with luck, complain that they are being treated differently.

A useful PSE resource for teachers of younger secondary pupils is a selection of materials on Anti-bullying and Conflict Resolution, uploaded by nikkiwatson, which helps them to understand the difference between bullying and conflict and what they can do about them.

Where to find it

All of these resources can be found at

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