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PSE - Everyone can FIT in

A 90-minute film designed to tackle homophobic bullying is to be sent to every secondary school in the country.

FIT, which tells the story of six young people trying to come to terms with their sexuality, is the first feature film of its kind, claims charity Stonewall Scotland, which commissioned the film, based on its play for schools.

Divided into seven 15-minute chapters, FIT explores the issues of homophobic bullying and gender stereotyping and the impact they can have on the health, well-being and learning of those involved or who witness it. It also challenges the widespread use of the word "gay" to mean anything "rubbish" or "inadequate".

Carl Watt, director of Stonewall Scotland, said: "Two-thirds of Scottish lesbian, gay and bisexual young people are bullied in school, and 98 per cent of all children hear the phrases `that's so gay' or `you're so gay' at school. FIT will help schools talk about homophobia and homophobic bullying. It will also support lesbian, gay and bisexual students to feel they are valued members of the school community."

The film has been partly funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland and the Scottish Government; Learning and Teaching Scotland is assisting with its distribution.

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