PSE - Spotlight on mental health

What is it?

This collection of Teachers TV resources has been put together specifically for teaching throughout the secondary stages. These materials identify a range of emotional and physical issues and are intended to be a good starting point for further work around some highly sensitive topics.

Getting started

The videos encompass three very challenging themes - troubled minds, mental health and anger management. The first is a compilation of four short animated films, narrated by young people who have suffered from eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, Asperger's Syndrome and self-harm. The second theme focuses on teenagers who give their opinions on depression and anorexia. And the third deals with anger management. It features an interview with a teenage boy. The material leads on to a string of key questions: What is self-harm? What makes you angry? How can you help? The young people in the videos certainly provide ammunition for plenty of discussion, for example, one young girl's searing comment: "There's no way for me to show emotion that isn't self-harm, and I wish there was." As for the answer to "how can you help?", one youngster replied: "They just need someone to talk to - it's what most teenagers need."

Taking it further

Other resources on a number of related PSE topics are also available - on issues such as money and careers, bullying, lifestyle and choices, and sex and relationship education.

Where to find it

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