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WHOLE SCHOOL, HEALTHY SCHOOL: an essential guide to the health-promoting school. Health Education Authority pound;35

Once a school has committed itself to the steady, health-promoting process that may ultimately earn it the accolade "healthy", much of the early ground it must cover can be found in this weighty guide.

Whole School, Healthy School pre-dates the National Healthy School Standard (NHSS) launched in October and the recent publication of the frameworks for personal, social and health education and citizenship. It reflects findings in the evaluation of an earlier project - development of a European network of health-promoting schools - on which, in part, the new standard is based. The criteria for these health-promoting schools look dated in comparison with those in the new standard.

Opning sections of this earlier guide deal with the assessment of a school's current position and needs, the involvement of key people in consultation and planning, identifying teaching resources and working with other schools and external agencies. With 130 pages of support materials, background reading and appendices, this book provides some useful consultation and classroom exercises - though methodical reference to the 1990 health education curriculum is all but obsolete.

It is vital that schools signing up to a local scheme that seeks accreditation to the NHSS - and that wish to use Whole School, Healthy School to support their journey towards recognition - refer continually to current guidance to ensure relevance.

Adrian King Available from Marstons bookservice. Tel: 01235 465565

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