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PSHE - The healthy eating balance

Knowing what food is good for you and how to get the balance of what you eat right can be key factors to a positive body-image, which can be very difficult to maintain in a society obsessed with fashion and celebrity culture.

The "Food, health and body image" resources can spark off a discussion or classroom debate, giving pupils a chance to express their opinions, or form part of a class project.

The collection features videos from Teachers TV, including an eye-opening experiment to find out how much sugar is in cereals, an introduction to checking what certain foods contain, a spoof news report on a proposed ban on various foods and a recipe for an unusual salad that introduces the idea of choice and restriction.

Videos from TrueTube look at different food fads popularised by celebrities and how they can be damaging to health, and a film teaching how it is not what you look like that is important and how to understand body shape.

A lesson on healthy eating includes informative activities on what makes a healthy lifestyle and challenges pupils to say what changes they could make (lpickering1).

A food diary activity asks students to look closely and honestly at three meals they eat in a typical day and split the food into groups (tgander).

Also featured is a guided exploration of healthy eating, challenging pupils to investigate the answers to a series of questions (FACEonline).

A PowerPoint on eating well includes a series of class activities (mattgadd01) while a multiple-choice quiz looks at the main aspects of a nutritionally-balanced diet (paterles57).

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