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PSHE: Help pupils from primary to 14-plus become pound and penny wise

These books are based around the character of Nat West from Upper Piddling, a streetwise financial adviser who draws on his experience to help school leavers come to terms with the things we all need to know when we are let loose into the big wide world.

He covers opening a bank account, debit and credit cards, household expenses, direct debits, income tax and pretty much everything you need to know about managing your money.

The advice is sound and it is well explained in a chatty and humorous style, although the wisecracks are overdone in places.

It is difficult to know how the book should be used as there are no guidance notes, activities or worksheets. The cartoons enable the author to showcase his artistic ability but add little to understanding. A resource dealing with financial literacy needs to engage and enthuse, but this one might struggle to catch any fish unless the rod is being held by a skilful teacher.

Bland presentation and uninspiring layout struggle to bring the complicated content to life. It is also pricey for what you get, when many websites offer colourful interactive advice for free: check out, the Personal Finance Education Group site.

At Last! Basic Financial Advice for the Upper School. Advanced Financial Advice for the Upper School. Classroom Resources Ltd. pound;29.99 each. Tel: 0117 940 6409. Fax: 0117 940 6408.

For 14-plus

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