PT posts in the firing line

The most likely casualties of a slimmed down secondary management structure would be the 7,000-plus principal teachers, although the chances of reaching agreement seem remote. Principal teachers are on an average salary of Pounds 27,290, totalling just over Pounds 190 million.

The management envisages a new middle management structure of no more than 3,000 posts on average salaries of Pounds 29,000, the remaining 4,000 being on conserved salaries. Eventual savings are put at Pounds 8 million.

But this would be nowhere near what is need for an increase in top pay for unpromoted staff or shortening the salary scale. A rise from the current maximum of Pounds 21,954 to Pounds 24,000 would add Pounds 45 million to the annual full-time pay bill of Pounds 1.1 billion.

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