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Pub quiz

1. In a card pack, what do the Queens hold in their hands?

2. A man called Antonio and an object called Antonia are the title characters in which best-selling novel?

3. Which sci-fi TV series was first shown on TV the day after the assassination of JFK in 1963?

4. In which sporting event does the winning team move backwards, and the losing team move forwards?

5. What fictional part of London has an E20 postcode?

6. Which is the only country that contains only one vowel in its name and does not also contain the letter Y?

7. Which group is the only band to have had a UK No 1 single in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s without the help of another artist (the singles were credited only to the band)?

8. What is the colloquial name for the Bedford RLHZ Self Propelled Pump, as used by the British Armed Forces?

9. David Cameron's wife, Samantha, shares her maiden name with which English city?

10. What is the only square on a Monopoly board to contain all the letters of the word Monopoly? QuizQuizQuiz


1. Flowers

2. Captain Corelli's Mandolin

3. Doctor Who

4. Tug-of-war (in both abseiling and rowing, participants move backwards) 5. Walford (the fictional area in which EastEnders is set)

6. Chad

7. Blondie ('Heart of Glass' and 'Sunday Girl' in 1979; 'Atomic', 'Call Me'

and 'The Tide is High' in 1980; 'Maria' in 1999. (Queen's only 1980s No 1 was with David Bowie: 'Under Pressure')

8. Green Goddess

9. Sheffield

10. Electric Company

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