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Pub quiz

1. In which year did Portsmouth lose the FA Cup to Derby County, having held it for seven years?

2. Which TV show has been on the BBC since 1972, but has changed its name every year since then?

3. What does the S stand for in C. S. Lewis, and is also the name of items that you may find in an office?

4. Who was the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom at the outbreak of World War II?

5. Which car make is an anagram of a gear stick position?

6. How many planets are represented by pieces of music in Gustav Holst's The Planets suite?

7. What was the nickname of the character played by John Cleese in 1999's The World Is Not Enough?

8. Name the only number with letters in alphabetical order?

9. How old was Tony Blair when he became Prime Minister?

10. Which London theatre, home to The Phantom of the Opera, had to change its name in 1952? QuizQuizQuiz


1. 1946 (No competition during the Second World War).

2. Film (Film '72, Film '73 etc. The BBC calls the series The Film Programme).

3. Staples (Clive Staples).

4. George VI.

5. Renault (neutral).

6. Seven (he did not write one for the Earth and Pluto had not yet been discovered when the suite was written).

7. R (Cleese only became Q in Die Another Day, after the death of Desmond Llewellyn).

8. 40.

9. 43 (he became Prime Minister just before his 44th birthday in May 1997).

10. Her Majesty's Theatre (it had been His Majesty's Theatre).

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