Pub quiz

1. To whom did the then Duke of York become engaged in January 1923?

2. Which two African countries have names that differ by just one letter?

3. Which country's flag has been officially changed 26 times in the last 230 years?

4. Which Sesame Street character has been played by a man called Carroll Spinney since 1969?

5. Which is the only day of the week that takes its English name from a Roman God?

6. Who was the last British Prime Minister to serve under two monarchs?

7. How many times in the 21st-century will Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall in the same year?

8. Which 1978 film was known in Venezuela as Vaselina?

9. Of the actors who have played James Bond in official films, who is the oldest?

10. Which is the only day of the week whose name in English has a single-word English anagram?


1. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later Queen consort to George VI and afterwards known as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother)

2. (The Republic of) Zambia (The Republic of) Gambia

3.USA (new stars added each time a new state(s) join(s) the Union)

4. Big Bird

5. Saturday (Saturn)

6. Winston Churchill (George VI and Queen Elizabeth II)

7. 100

8. Grease

9. Roger Moore (born 1927; Sean Connery was born in 1930).

10. Monday (Dynamo)

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