Pub quiz

1. How many US presidents are depicted on Mount Rushmore?

2. Which London tourist attraction is owned and operated by an organisation often known just as ZSL?

3. Who was the Queen's first grandchild?

4. What term is used for when a stringed instrument is plucked with the fingers, rather than played with a bow?

5. Which well-known song has a not so well-known third verse beginning with the line: Thy choicest gifts in store?

6. What is the name of the antelope with two heads created by Hugh Lofting in his Dr Dolittle books?

7. How long, in feet, is a full-sized snooker table?

8. Who was monarch of the UK the last time the Olympics were held in London?

9. What was the name of the second part of Roald Dahl's autobiography, following Boy?

10. After 180, what is the second highest score that can be achieved with three darts?



1. Four (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln).

2. London Zoo (Zoological Society of London).

3. Peter Phillips 4. Pizzicato 5. God Save the Queen (there are other little-known verses, including one praying for Marshal Wade the "rebellious Scots to crush").

6. The pushmi-pullyu (in the 1967 film, it was portrayed as a double-headed llama).

7. 12 feet 8. George VI (He reigned 1936-1952. The Games were held in 1948).

9. Going Solo 10. 177 (2 x triple 20s = 120 + 1 x triple 19 = 57).

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