pub quiz

1. Which character is called "Oui Oui" in France, "Zvonko" in Croatia and "Nonty" in Greece (and in Germany was originally known as "Purzelknirps", but is being relaunched there with his original, English name)?

2. Which London bridge can be seen on the labels on bottles of HP sauce?

3. How many denominations of Euro banknote are there?

4. Which is the largest island in the Caribbean?

5. Which bread manufacturer takes its name from a shortening of the Latin for "strength of man"?

6. Who designed the latest uniform for Wimbledon umpires and line judges, introduced last year?

7. If you were to drill a hole from Auckland in New Zealand directly through the centre of the earth, in which country would you emerge on the other side of the world?

8. What is the first book of the Bible that does not end in S?

9. In which country is the city of Fez?

10. High on a mountain in northern Chile you might come across the VLT project. What does VLT stand for?



1. Noddy

2. Westminster (HP stands for Houses of Parliament)

3. Seven (5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500)

4. Cuba

5. Hovis (Hominis vis)

6. Ralph Lauren

7. Spain

8. Deuteronomy

9. Morocco

10. Very Large


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