Pub quiz

1. In the British Army, which rank comes between Major-General and General?

2. Which US State is nicknamed "the Green Mountain State"?

3. In what context would you hear the distinctive voice of James Alexander Gordon every Saturday afternoon?

4. What was the name of the father of Harold II of England, who died at the Battle of Hastings?

5. Which act of deception, more commonly used in entertainment, gets its name from the Latin meaning "speaking from the belly"?

6. What language is used for almost all of the words in Handel's Messiah?

7. Who was Ronald Reagan's vice-president?

8. What is the name of the donkey in the film Shrek?

9. Which band is the last listed in alphabetical order in the most recent edition of the Guinness World Records book of British hit singles and albums?

10. Which English league football team's pitch and stadium are mostly in Wales, but parts of it, including the main stand and its offices, are in England?


1. Lieutenant-General

2. Vermont (name means "green mountain")

3. He reads the football results on BBC Radio Five Live

4. (Earl) Godwin (Harold was known as Harold Godwinson)

5. Ventriloquism, from the Latin "ventriloquus"

6. English

7. George Bush Senior

8. Donkey

9. ZZ Top

10. Chester City, the Saunders Honda Stadium (formerly known as the Deva Stadium)

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