Pub quiz

1. What 1901 play by JM Barrie was the inspiration for a brand of Nestle confectionery?

2. Which city holds most of the world's 20 largest hotels and has a name meaning "the meadows" in Spanish?

3. Uniquely for an English league team, what can be found at each corner of Brentford Football Club's ground, Griffin Park?

4. For which two films has Steven Spielberg won the Academy Award for best director?

5. What company's unabbreviated name means "Italian car manufacturer of Turin"?

6. What is the name of the stick used to play the Gaelic game of hurling?

7. What three-key combination did IBM engineer David Bradley invent to reboot PCs?

8. How many monarchs of Great Britain have there been since 1750?

9. What colour is the letter "b" in the logo of eBay, the auction website?

10. Who broke world records for the fastest tap-dancer, longest wing walk and for playing the same tune on 43 instruments in 4 minutes?


1. Quality Street (originally made by Mackintosh, but acquired by Nestle).

2. Las Vegas

3. A pub, one of which is owned by the club.

4. Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan

5. Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino)

6. A hurl or hurley

7. Control, Alt, Delete

8. 10 (Elizabeth II, George VI, Edward VIII, George V, Edward VII, Victoria, William IV, George IV, III and II).

9. Blue

10. Roy Castle, as a presenter of Record Breakers.

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