Pub quiz

1. According to the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, which gambit (a sequence of three moves) is known as the Crescendo? (A Toolbox is three scissors in a row.) 2. What semi-aquatic mammal is on the reverse of the original Australian 20 cent coin?

3. In which year did Tony Blair become an MP?

4. In which country is the town of Hamelin, featured in the story of the Pied Piper?

5. Which comedian made the UK's first mobile phone call, from St Katharine Docks in London in 1985?

6. Two actresses were Oscar-nominated for playing the same person at different ages in which 1997 film?

7. What magic word was a working title for The Beatles' 1966 album Revolver, as well as the name of a 1982 album by The Steve Miller Band?

8. The flag of which US state incorporates a Union Flag, commonly known as the Union Jack?

9. On children's TV in the 1980s, how were Mr Burton, Miss Tucker and Mr Marks better known?

10. Which English Football League team's home ground is furthest south? QuizQuizQuiz


1. Paper, Scissors, Rock (Rock, Scissors, Paper is called a Denouement)

2. (Duck-billed) Platypus

3. 1983

4. Germany

5. Ernie Wise (he called Vodafone's HQ in Newbury)

6. Titanic (Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart played Rose DeWitt BukaterDawson)

7. Abracadabra

8. Hawaii

9. Rod, Jane and Freddy (from Rainbow)

10. Plymouth Argyle (it is also the furthest west)

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