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Pub quiz

1. Which sports clothing company was registered by Adolf Dassler on 18th August 1949?

2. In which game, invented at Cambridge University, might players squidge playing pieces that are not squopped?

3. What is the only country in the world whose name (normal English spelling) ends in the letter H?

4. What was the first substantially black and white film to win the Best Picture Oscar since The Apartment in 1960?

5. The opera Aida was written to commemorate the opening of which feat of civil engineering in 1869?

6. What may not be sounded for longer than 4 seconds at a time; more often than every 3 minutes; or within 50 metres of a school during school hours?

7. Arabica and robusta are the chief species of which plant, used to make a popular drink?

8. How many rooms are there in the Cluedo Mansion?

9. On the Olympic flag, what colour is the middle ring?

10. Which producer, involved in making films such as Chariots of Fire and Hook, died in a car crash in August 1997?


ANSWERS 1. Adidas (Adi was Dassler's nickname) 2. Tiddlywinks 3. Bangaldesh 4. Schindler's List (there is a small amount of colour e.g. a girl's red coat) 5. Suez Canal 6. Ice cream van chimes 7. Coffee 8. Nine (Kitchen, Dining Room, Lounge, Hall, Study, Library, Billiard Room, Conservatory, Ball Room), but the quiz machine version is different 9. Black 10. Dodi Fayed

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