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Pub quiz

1. Which English county was known to Roman invaders as Vectis?

2. Which fictitious game uses four balls: one quaffle, two bludgers and a golden snitch?

3. What is the usual alias, taken from the name of a US national park, of the cowboy adversary of Bugs Bunny?

4. Which famous square in the United States was origi-nally called Longacre Square but was renamed after a newspaper moved its operations there?

5. Which Robin Williams film character has the first name Euphegenia?

6. Which London Underground station has the longest escalator?

7. What was the surname of the television character who managed Whitbury New Town leisure centre?

8. Which company has declared that its mission is to "organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"?

9. What is the largest of the Canary Islands called?

10. Bedloe's Island was renamed in 1956 after an object that has stood on it since 1886. What is it now called?


ANSWERS 1. Isle of Wight 2. Quidditch 3. Yosemite Sam 4. Times Square in New York 5. Mrs Doubtfire 6. Angel (60m or 197ft long) 7. (Gordon) Brittas (in The Brittas Empire) 8. Google 9. Tenerife 10. Liberty Island (the Statue of Liberty is there)

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