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Pub quiz

1. Which winner of an Academy Award for Best Actor has the first name Fahrid?

2. Who was the first President of the US to be born in the 20th century?

3. Who was the quiz master when Bill McKaig reached the maximum score of 433 on a Channel 4 quiz in 1999?

4. How many capsules are there on the London Eye?

5. With just 515,004 people (according to the latest estimate by the US Census Bureau in July 2006), which is the least populous US state?

6. What word (for a book) comes from the Greek for a well-rounded or general education?

7. In the James Bond films and novels, what does the acronym SPECTRE stand for?

8. Rich Uncle Pennybags was the original name for the top-hatted mascot of which best-selling product, of which over 250 million have been sold worldwide?

9. Which classical musician was the first official busker in London Underground stations in 2001?

10. On a standard British computer keyboard, what symbol is on the same key as the number 1?


1. F. Murray Abraham (for his role in Amadeus)

2. John F. Kennedy (b.1917)

3. William G. Stewart (the show was 15 to One)

4. 32

5. Wyoming

6. Encyclopedia (enkyklios paideia)

7. SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

8. Monopoly

9. Julian Lloyd Webber (the Prince's Trust got the money) 10. ! (the exclamation mark)

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