Pub quiz

1. Which European capital appears in the name of a Shakespeare play?

2. What was the screen name of Virginia Katherine McMath, who starred opposite Fred Astaire in 10 films?

3. The pipistrelle is the UK's most common species of what?

4. Which of the five boroughs of New York has the largest population?

5. Which Hollywood actor, born Issur Danielovitch Demsky in 1916, has a son who won the 1987 Academy award for best actor?

6. How high, in feet, should a tennis net be at its centre?

7. Which country is responsible for the administration of the Panama canal?

8. What acid used to be known as "oil of vitriol"?

9. STV, PR and Condorcet are all methods that would be familiar to a psephologist. What is psephology the study of?

10. Why was the birth of a baby girl named Astha announced to the world's press in May 2000?

Quiz Quiz Quiz


1. Athens (Timon of Athens)

2. Ginger Rogers

3. Bat

4. Brooklyn

5. Kirk Douglas (his son Michael Douglas won the Oscar for Wall Street)

6. Three feet

7. Panama (it has been controlled by the Panama Canal Authority since 1999)

8. SulphuricSulfuric Acid (H2SO4)

9. Elections and voting systems (STV is single transferable vote; PR is proportional representation)

10. She was India's one billionth citizen

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