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Pub quiz

1. The Chelsea Flower Show is organised every year by the RHS. What does RHS stand for?

2. Where would you find a CVV2 number, sometimes known as CVC2?

3. In science, what type of particle can have the following flavours: up, down, top, bottom, charm, and strange?

4. Which town in Iraq, north west of Baghdad, was the birthplace of Saladin in the 12th Century and more recently Saddam Hussein?

5. In what year was Leo Blair, son of Tony, born?

6. What was the name of the-then fictional radio station in the TV series I'm Alan Partridge now used for a real station?

7. What has Appa Sherpa done this month for a record 17th time?

8. What surname is shared by the 28th President of the USA and the only man in the 20th century to be UK Prime Minister after four separate elections?

9. Which country has the popular internet domain name .my?

10. Who was the monarch of Great Britain, and of Ireland, exactly 300 years ago?


1. Royal Horticultural Society

2. On the back of a credit card (it is the three or four digit security code used to confirm transactions when the cardholder is not present)

3. Quarks

4. Tikrit

5. 2000 (May 20th)

6. Radio Norwich

7. Climbed Mount Everest

8. Wilson (Woodrow and Harold)

9. Malaysia

10. Queen Anne

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