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Pub quiz

1. The French name for which body of water translates into English as "The Sleeve"?

2. Which founder of an organisation that claims on its official website to be "the fastest-growing religion in the world" has the first name Lafayette?

3. In 2005, who made the first solo non-stop, non-refuelled circumnavigation of the world in an aircraft in just over 67 hours in the single-engine Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer?

4. What did DFS originally stand for in the retailer's name?

5. Name either of the two consecutive number one singles of the 1980s that contain "number one" in their lyrics.

6. How many female grandchildren does the Queen have?

7. Which novel was published on June 8, 1949, 34 years, 9 months and 27 days before the opening of the book is set?

8. Dirk Nowitzki, of Germany, was recently the first European to be named the NBA MVP. What does MVP stand for?

9. Which sitcom had episodes entitled The Changing Face of Rural Blamire, Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire and Elegy for Fallen Wellies?

10. What is the name for a curve in the surface of a liquid, produced when the surface of the container interacts with the liquid particles?


1. The English Channel (La Manche)

2. L. Ron Hubbard

3. Steve Fossett

4. Direct Furnishing Supplies (recent marketing material has used "Deals For Sunday")

5. The Tide is High by Blondie and Super Trouper by ABBA

6. Four (Zara, Beatrice, Eugenie, Louise)

7. Nineteen Eighty-Four (the action starts on April 4, 1984)

8. Most valuable player

9. Last of the Summer Wine

10. Meniscus

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