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Pub quiz

1. Who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Friedrich Engels?

2. How was Oflag IV-C better known during the Second World War?

3. What communications protocol takes its name from the nickname of a 10th century Scandinavian king?

4. What is the name of the 1985 Agreement among certain European states to allow for relaxed border controls between the participating countries?

5. Who led the Labour Party to defeat in the 1992 General Election?

6. In tenpin bowling, how many feet is it from the foul line to the number 1 pin: 40ft, 50ft or 60ft?

7. What is the surname of Sir Ken, the current executive chairman of Morrisons Supermarket?

8. In France, he is "Grigrigredinmenufretin"; in Swedish, "Bulleribasius". How is this fairytale dwarf known in the UK?

9. Which company owns the website

10. In which year did the UK start using decimal currency?



1. Karl Marx

2. Colditz Castle

3. Bluetooth (Harald Bluetooth Gormson, King of Denmark)

4. Schengen Agreement

5. Neil Kinnock

6. 60 feet

7. Morrison

8. Rumpelstiltskin

9. British Gas (Centrica plc)

10. 1971

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