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Pub quiz

1 What was the first name of the composer Rachmaninov?

2 In 1963, Willard Scott was the first actor to appear on television dressed as which famous clown?

3 In which field of the arts did Samuel Coleridge-Taylor excel in the 19th and 20th centuries?

4 What is the surname of the family that adopts Paddington Bear in the books by Michael Bond?

5 The cor anglais belongs to which family of musical instruments?

6 What is the alternative, tabloid name for Rowneybury House in Hertfordshire, a former orphanage that now boasts a helicopter pad and music studio?

7 What is the stage name of the rap artist Tracy Marrow?

8 Which US city is served by McCarran International Airport?

9 Ojani Noa was the first husband of which Hollywood star?

10 In the original version of which card game would you find Mr Pots, the painter; Mr Chip, the carpenter; Mr Block, the barber; and Mr Mug, the milkman?



1 Sergei

2 Ronald McDonald

3 Music (he was a composer and is not to be confused with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the poet)

4 Brown

5 Woodwindwind

6 Beckingham Palace

7 Ice-T

8 Las Vegas, Nevada

9 Jennifer Lopez

10 Happy Families

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