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Pub quiz

1 What is the clan name by which Nelson Mandela is affectionately known in South Africa?

2 What is the name of James Bond creator Ian Fleming's estate in Jamaica, currently a luxury hotel resort?

3 In which novel would you encounter General Woundwort and Captain Campion?

4 What is the third most populous city in the United States, behind New York and Los Angeles, according to estimates by the United States Census Bureau in July 2006?

5 In what modern country would you find the site of the ancient city of Troy?

6 Who is the world's only reigning monarch with the title Emperor?

7 At which shop could you buy clothes from the Blue Harbour and Autograph labels?

8 What country comes between Cyprus and Denmark in an alphabetical list of the countries of the world?

9 In the UK, what is the legally required colour for reversing lights in cars?

10 According to UK law, what can only be done between 7am and 11pm, except on four specific nights of the year, including Diwali and Chinese New Year?



1 Madiba

2 Goldeneye

3 Watership Down

4 Chicago

5 Turkey

6 Emperor Akihito of Japan

7 Marks Spencer

8 Czech Republic

9 White

10 Letting off fireworks (the other nights are Bonfire Night and New Year)

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