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Pub quiz

1. Who composed the music for the stage musical Billy Elliot, showing at the Victoria Palace Theatre?

2. In which Charles Dickens novel does Mr Bumble the Beadle appear?

3. In basketball, how many feet is the hoop above the floor?

4. Which actor was born Ramon Estevez in 1940?

5. According to the CoolBrands Council, what brand, long associated with James Bond films, is the coolest brand in Britain?

6. What is 10 per cent of 20 per cent of 30 per cent of 40 per cent of 50 per cent of 10,000?

7. In which year did the Tate Modern open its doors in London?

8. After England and Australia, what was the third country to play Test cricket in the 19th century?

9. Which book of the Bible has the shortest name?

10. Which American author's memoirs are called The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid?



1. Elton John

2. Oliver Twist

3. 10 feet

4. Martin Sheen

5. Aston Martin

6. 12

7. 2000

8. South Africa

9. Job

10. Bill Bryson

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