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Pub quiz

1. The chimpanzee is the third largest ape after the gorilla and which other animal?

2. Which premier league team did David James play for from 1992 to 1999?

3. Which Ancient Greek poet is credited with writing The Iliad and The Odyssey?

4. What is the capital of Jordan?

5. Which car company manufactures the hybrid electric car, the Prius?

6. Which country granted independence to Greenland in 1978?

7. Which herb is commonly used to flavour tomato sauce on pizza?

8. Which famous leader is buried in a mausoleum in Red Square?

9. What is the fraction 18 when written as a decimal?

10. Titan is the largest moon of which planet?

Quiz answers: 1. Orangutan 2. Liverpool 3. Homer 4. Amman 5. Toyota 6. Denmark 7. Oregano 8. Lenin 9. 0.125 10. Saturn.

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