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Pub quiz

1. The character Barbara Millicent Roberts, around since 1959, is only ever known by her nickname. What is it?

2. The autobiography of which TV presenter, who hosted Channel 4's first show, in 1982, is called Himoff! The Memoirs of a TV Matinee Idle?

3. How many times have the summer Olympics been hosted by the United States?

4. What links Martin Luther King in 1964, Henry Kissinger in 1973, Yasser Arafat in 1994 and Jimmy Carter in 2002?

5. If all the official James Bond films were listed alphabetically, which would come last?

6. Which planet in the solar system has the highest surface temperature?

7. In a netball team, how many players are allowed to score a goal?

8. What was the maiden name of Sophia Brunel, mother of Isambard?

9. Which book of the Bible tells the story of Jonah and the whale?

10. In the film Home Alone, which country do Kevin's family fly to for Christmas, leaving him behind?


1. Barbie

2. Richard Whiteley (Channel 4's first show was Countdown)

3. Four (St.Louis 1904; Los Angeles 1932 1984; Atlanta 1996)

4. They won the Nobel Peace Prize.

5. You Only Live Twice

6. Venus (it is about 300 degrees hotter than Mercury as it has a very strong greenhouse effect).

7. Two (Goal Attack and Goal Shooter)

8. Kingdom

9. Jonah

10. France

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