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Pub quiz

1. Who is the youngest ever best actor winner at the Oscars?

2. What is the largest known encyclopedia, made up of 22,877 volumes in 11,095 books?

3. What is the title of a piece of "music" that is composed of complete silence for a designated period?

4. What common term for foolhardy behaviour has its roots in soldiers emerging from the trenches during the First World War?

5. Who missed the penalty for France in the 2006 World Cup final?

6. Who is known as Saint of the Broom and was the "first black saint in the Americas"?

7. In JM Barrie's Peter Pan, what school did the fictional character Captain Hook attend?

8. What tune do the bells of Big Ben chime?

9. Who failed to receive a posthumous Nobel Prize in 1962 despite her contribution to building a model of DNA?

10. What was the name of Martine McCutcheon's debut number one single in 1998?

Answers on page 30

ANSWERS: 1. Adrien Brody (when he was 29) 2. The Yongle Dadian 3. 4 minutes 33 seconds or 4'33" 4. Over the top 5. David Trezeguet 6. Martin de Porres 7. Eton 8. Four notes from Handel's "Messiah" 9. Rosalind Franklin 10. Perfect Moment.

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