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Pub quiz


  1. What is the main ingredient in a pilaf?
  2. Which breed of dog was named after the vicar of the Devon village of Swimbridge, a founder member of The Kennel Club?
  3. In which classic horror film did Jack Nicholson type the words: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"?
  4. In the third Harry Potter book, Professor Lupin is a wizard and what else?
  5. Which flowery herb was traditionally thrown into graves as a symbol of the remembrance of the dead?
  6. What is the main religion of Poland?
  7. Who presented the BBC cooking series Great British Menu in 2007?
  8. What type of mythical creature is the PlayStation game character Spyro?
  9. Which English queen executed Lady Jane Grey?
  10. Which south-east Asian country has the won as its national unit of currency?
    1. Answers:

1. Rice; 2. Jack Russell; 3. The Shining; 4. A werewolf; 5. Rosemary; 6. Roman Catholicism; 7. Jennie Bond; 8. Dragon; 9. Mary I; 10. South Korea.

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