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Pub quiz

1. What is the surname of Pope Benedict XVI?

2. In boxing, what two words are used to instruct the trainers to leave the ring?

3. Abraham Lincoln reportedly said to Harriet Beecher Stowe, "So you're the little lady whose book started this great war?" To which book was he referring?

4. On a clock face, through how many degrees does the minute hand turn in one minute?

5. On February 6, 1971, Alan B. Shepard hit two golf balls at a venue where no one had ever played before. Where was it?

6. Where might you see the following words: "I Spy", "Grow Up", "Be Happy", "Say Yes", "Lush Lips", and "Hold Me"?

7. What name is shared by the criminal family in the film The Goonies and a Scottish group proclaimed by NME as "the best new band in Britain" in 2006?

8. What was the original name for the Commonwealth Games?

9. Which TV programme, popular in the UK, is known as K prendre ou ...

laisser in France?

10. In The Wizard of Oz, which of the three main companions does Dorothy meet first on the Yellow Brick road from Munchkin land to the Emerald City?


1. Ratzinger

2. Seconds Out (the trainers are known as the "second")

3. Uncle Tom's Cabin

4. Six (360 degrees in the circle divided by 60 minutes equals six)

5. The Moon

6. Printed on Love Hearts sweets

7. The Fratellis

8. (British) Empire Games

9. Deal Or No Deal

10. The Scarecrow

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