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Public Records site

The Public Record Office's Learning Curve website is a growing internet resource for history.

The site has a recently redesigned Snapshots section and has launched a new exhibition on the First World War for key stages 3 to 5. This contains an array of original sources, some provided by the Imperial War Museum, put together in a range of galleries that lead the student to answer the question: "Why did people say that the Great War had to be the war to end all wars?" Using documents including the Domesday Book, Wilfrd Owen's service record, suffragette pamphlets and Guy Fawkes's confession, the Learning Curve takes the vast quantity of material held at the PRO and aims to make exploring it an adventurous experience for students.

The PRO has produced a free teacher's resource pack. To request one, e-mail: The PRO has also set up a teacher's evaluation group on the site from which focus groups are selected to visit the PRO and give direct feedback and ideas.

Contact Tom O'Leary, head of education, at

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