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The Mathematical Association is campaigning for more students to have the chance to take Further Mathematics AS and A2. An information leaflet, being sent to all schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, is intended to support maths departments not yet offering the subject or where provision is under threat. It covers what students gain by studying FM, what is now on offer within Curriculum 2000 and how FM can be timetabled. Part of the website at is being developed to help schools and colleges develop strong provision. Details from The Mathematical Association as above.

Primary-aged children can find monsters, magic squares, mystic circles, mummies, mazes, mice, money, mayan numbers, measurement and maths in the colourful Circa Maths Magazine, which is published three times a year. It includes four separate pags of teachers' notes and is also published in Welsh. The theme of the June issue will be "Location". A year's subscription, comprising 10 copies of each issue, costs pound;42. Circa, 10 Narcissus Road, London NW6 1TH, telfax 020 7433 1231.E-mail:


Giant Dominoes, a large double-nine set of chunky card dominoes from BEAM Education, can be used to help primary children with number and calculation. They are accompanied by a booklet of whole-class and group activities up to Year 6. Younger children will enjoy using them to count and play matching games. With older children they become a useful demonstration tool to support number and calculation skills. pound;16.50 plus VAT from BEAM Education, Maze Workshops, 72a Southgate Road, London N1 3JT. Tel: 020 7684 3323. E-mail: Web:

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